“Never give in to despair. God created the unbreakable family bonds which
are tightly weaved to withstand, recover from, and surpass any hardships
that life brings our way. Lean on the love of your close ones
and have faith and hope that all will be well. Most importantly,
continue to believe in yourself”.

With all my love,




The album “Endurance” is an attestation to Sorin’s progression as an artist and to his creative capabilities. Its theme is centered on the power of love and family that can help us overcome any challenges life brings our way. With influences from the Latin, flamenco, and classical music styles combined with jazz, each song reaches new harmonic and rhythmic depths that leave a lasting impression on the listener.

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“Sorin Zlat – an offspring of the Romanian jazz community, fully recognized on the international stage and rewarded with numerous prestigious awards. Without a doubt, his evident technical virtuosity and ability to improvise, based on the competence achieved under the renowned professor Mircea Tiberian, happily compliment his undeniable natural talent as a composer. Sorin Zlat – a true artist, fully described by his commitment, hard work, passion, creativity, and authenticity. May this first album be the first in a series of recordings meant to mark through the years the irrevocable progression to the peak of his artistic prominence.”Florian Lungu – Music Critic and Composer, Producer and Host of Multiple Romanian Jazz Television and Radio Shows
“Outstanding! An album reflecting the stature of the best, unrivaled, national and international awards champion, the best Romanian jazz pianist of our current times, composer, arranger, and Trio leader, Sorin Zlat. And according to his creations, someone who will always remain sculpted in our memories!”Anca Romeci – Music Critic and Esteemed Journalist, The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society

Special Note From Sorin

This album was truly a labor of love. I have always wanted to transpose into music the real life stories with which every human being can identify. I hope that all of you will feel the emotions contained inside this album. Enjoy my music!