All his life Sorin has been on a growing journey as a musician. He is a strong believer in continuously expanding one’s knowledge and stretching his creative capabilities. His hope is that his compositions will reach into the very souls of his listeners, stirring their personal memories and desires.

In his search for inspiration, Sorin fell in love with composing music for film and has rendered a series of notable film scores. Additionally, he is exploring on how to bring a new perspective to his jazz compositions by weaving elements from the Romanian folklore with personal compositions.

Learning from his difficult journey when he first started his career, Sorin is dedicated to support and mentor young artists who are starting in the music industry. As part of his pro bono work, he often composes new songs which help them showcase their talent in various competitions, a step that many times leads to the start of their professional careers.

Sorin is known for his compassionate and giving nature. He is currently working on starting a campaign to raise funds for children with cancer.

Music For Film Projects

2015 Transatlantyk Film Music Competition – Compositions by Sorin Zlat


“City Island”

2013 Transatlantyk Film Music Competition – Compositions by Sorin Zlat

“Pigeon Impossible”

“Third Miracle”